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SHOCKING! Liberal celeb goes "too far" with Trump attacks


70s singer and popstar Cher admitted she went "too far" in her latest nasty attack against President Donald Trump… but she wants everyone to know she is not exactly sorry.

The 71-year-old former star tweeted on Sunday that although she "can say anything" it "doesn't mean I should."

Her semi-apology came just hours after she explained that she thinks of Trump as a "malignant tumor eating its way through our constitution."  Her tweet has since been deleted, according to Breitbart.

"I Say What I feel,But There's a Responsibility That Goes With That.I Walk Knifes Edge,But Sometimes It's Too far.This Is Not An Apology….Its a Reprimand. Just Because I CAN SAY ANYTHING…Doesn't Mean I SHOULD. Sometimes I Learn The Hard Way,Over & Over. Humans are Fallible," Cher tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

Breitbart reports that earlier that day, she also tweeted that the president was a "criminal," a "sociopath," and a "despot," among many other nasty insults.

Trump supporters were eager to defend him after Cher's vile attacks —

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