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Are You a Satisfied "Customer" of the Federal Government?


"[A]ccording to the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index, the Federal Government ranks among the bottom of all industries in the United States in customer satisfaction;"

Calling citizens customers is like calling slaves employees. "Customer" implies that you could take your business elsewhere.

And the ability to go somewhere else when you are dissatisfied with a service is the only way to ensure a good customer experience.

The Federal Agency Customer Experience Act is a bill in Congress that would instruct federal agencies to give their "customers" the opportunity to provide feedback.

This is one of those rare times when the government–or at least a couple members of Congress–admit how terrible the system is.

"[M]any agencies, offices, programs, and Federal employees provide excellent service to individuals, however many parts of the Federal Government still fall short on delivering the customer service experience that individuals have come to expect from the private sector;"

Someone deserves a prize for this piece of research! People get better service when they aren't forced to use the service?! What could possibly be the reason?

It might have something to do with being a captive "customer" of the federal government. What are you going to do? It's not like you can take your business elsewhere.

I'll give them an A for effort. But the fact is the government doesn't have to put any effort in, and they still get paid. That is why government services will never match the quality of the private sector, no matter how many new laws they pass.

It is actually somewhat surprising that the bill doesn't call for the collection of customer feedback by force. But since that is how the government typically operates, the authors of the bill had to add a special line to make sure agencies don't force their "customers" to submit feedback:

"Each agency that solicits voluntary feedback shall ensure that—

(1) responses to the solicitation of voluntary feedback remain anonymous and shall not be traced to specific individuals or entities;

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