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Newsbud Exclusive- The Lowest of Low: The Blurring Line Between Education & Indoctrination!!


One of the most recent examples involves Gregory Salcido, an El Rancho, California high school history teacher who equated joining the military as something akin to eating "Cat sh#t or dog sh#t" (Teets, 2018). Not surprisingly, this "classy" educator is also an aspiring politician, a member of the Pico Rivera City Council (Pico Rivera City Council, 2018). Salcido asked this question at the end of a 6-minute profanity laced diatribe directed at one of his students for committing the unconscionable offense of wearing a U.S. Marine Corps tee shirt to class. Salcido's comments and behaviour typlify a shift that the American educational system is going through. One where critical thinking has been replaced by propaganda and indoctrination. Schools are no longer a place where children go to learn; they have become a place where teachers peddle their viewpoints to captive, unsuspecting minds.

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