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Why the Silence from Libertarian Immigration Controllers?

• Jacob Hornberger-Future Freedom Foundation

Let's recap some of the recent events in the federal government's decades-long war on illegal immigrants, a war that is part and parcel of a system of immigration controls, which a small segment of conservative-oriented libertarians have supported in the past.

A couple of months ago, a team of well-armed ICE agents raided a privately owned slaughterhouse in Tennessee. According to an article in the Independent, it was the largest immigration raid in more than a decade. With a helicopter flying overhead, the raid brought about the arrest of 97 people, "pulling breadwinners from the families and sending shockwaves through the quiet, rural community." According to the article, President Trump and his immigration goons are doubling the number of workplace raids in their attempt to finally make their system of immigration controls work.

In an attempt to put a stop to what immigration controllers call an illegal immigrant "invasion" of America, the president recently sent U.S. troops to the border to enforce immigration controls. So far, the troops haven't killed any of the "enemy" but are fully prepared to follow whatever orders they are issued to protect America from the "invaders."

In Havre, Montana, a Border Patrol agent detained and questioned two American women who were caught speaking Spanish in a convenience store. What was the Border Patrol doing in Havre given that it is not located on the U.S.-Canadian border but instead 30 miles from the border? Because the Border Patrol has the power to control not just the actual border but also everything within 100 miles of the border, all around the United States. In other words, under immigration controls, the border isn't actually the border but instead a huge swath of land within 100 miles of the border. That swath of land just happens to encompass 2/3 of all the people living in the United States.

Trump and his immigration goons are now enforcing a policy of forcibly taking away children of people who are caught illegally entering the United States. The idea is that if people in Latin America realize that they are going to lose their children if caught illegally entering the United States with them, they might be less likely to try to enter the country illegally, at least with their children.

Meanwhile, forcible deportations are soaring under Trump, who undoubtedly would love to receive the same immigration moniker as his predecessor President Obama: "deporter in chief." According to an article on, people "deported after being arrested away from the border jumped 25 percent to 81,603 the previous year."

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