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Meet the "Taycan": Porsche's Tesla Competitor


The Tesla S competitor from Porsche carries the name "Taycan", pronounced "Tie- Con".

Handelsblatt reports Porsche's first electric car is called "Taycan".

The oriental term means "lively, young horse" and attack with it the heraldic animal in the Porsche logo, a jumping horse. The Taycan is scheduled to go into production in 2019 and become a strong competitor to the Tesla Model S.

The four-door electric sports car Taycan accelerates with more than 600 hp in less than 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h [62.14 MPH] . With a battery charge he is said to come 500 kilometers [310.69 miles], and thanks to an 800-volt architecture, he can recharge at fast charging stations in four minutes for 100 kilometers [62.14 miles] range power.

All car manufacturers are currently working under pressure on many new electric cars to overcome the teething troubles: the short range, the long charging time and ultimately the much higher price than comparable petrol or diesel cars.


The Verge reports Pronounced 'tie-con,' 'Porsche would like to be Taycan [taken] seriously with this new name'

The name, which was announced at an event celebrating the automaker's 70th anniversary, roughly translates to "lively young horse" in German, a reference to the leaping horse at the heart of the company's crest. Also, it's apparently pronounced "tie-con," but it's probably already doomed to a lifetime of mispronunciations.

The internet, as it is wont to do, immediately started dragging Porsche for the new name.



Add me to the list of those who thinks Taycan is a poor name with an even worse official pronunciation.

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