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Intel superconducting quantum technology could push to 1000 qubits by---

• by brian wang

Intel's director of quantum hardware, Jim Clarke, sees a path with their current quantum technology to perhaps 1000 qubits. This is the highlights of what he told Spectrum IEEE.

Intel is working on multiple qubit technologies. They were initially exclusively superconducting chips.

The size of the qubits in silicon spin qubit is a million times smaller.

The silicon spin qubit is a conventional transistor with a steady stream of current flowing through it. They have a single electron trapped in the transistor. That single electron can have one of two states: spin up or spin down. Those are the two states of the qubit. Intel is creating a series of single-electron transistors and coupling them together using their advanced transistor process technology.

Intel's best process technology for transistors would be able build the best spin qubit.

Right now, they are linear arrays of quantum dots. Intel is trying to basically prove the physics of larger devices. They will next make them into arrays of qubits.

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