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Watch Live: Trump Press Conference Following Historic Summit With Kim Jong Un


While there are many who will claim that today's non-binding agreement between Trump and Kim amounts to little, as it has produced few if any specific new commitments from Pyongyang to surrender its nuclear weapons and is just the first of numerous "follow-on negotiations", the US president certainly does not see events in that light and Trump's victory lap has started after his meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Reporters are gathered for a press conference, having been forced to piece together the contents of the letter signed by Trump and Kim from the photo of the agreement held up by Trump.

Watch Trump's press conference live below.

Speaking to reporters, president Trump said North Korea leader Kim Jong Un "understands that and wants to do what's right" and thanks Kim for "taking first bold step."
Trump said that "real change is indeed possible" and that the meeting was "honest, direct and productive."

Trump also said that while North Korea has committed to denuclearize, "in the meantime, the sanctions will remain in effect."

Earlier, Trump and Kim signed a document that included a commitment from North Korea to "work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," while leaving undefined the path to eliminating Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal or verifying its dismantling.

Under the agreement, Trump committed to provide unspecified "security guarantees" to Kim, as the two sides promised to continue talks.

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