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Vaccine authoritarians try to censor billboard that dares ask, "Do you know what's in a vac


(Natural News) Do you know what's in vaccines — or perhaps more importantly, is it "wrong" to ask such a question?, a non-profit organization founded by an ex-Merck employee, put up a billboard in Perth, Australia, which asked one important question: "Do you know what's in a vaccine?" It's a simple question, yet astonishingly few people know the answer to this question.

In response, the Australian Medical Association has demanded that this thought-provoking billboard be removed. The vaccine propaganda group says that even raising such a simple question is a "public health risk," "misleading" and "conspiracy theory garbage."

Demanding transparency in virtually any other arena would not be met with such hostility; in fact you might even get a gold star for demanding to know what's in your food or your infant's baby formula. But when it comes to vaccines, "transparency" is a four-letter word. Indeed, the fact that simply wanting to know what's in vaccine is seen as such a despicable, rebellious act that it requires immediate silencing should be alarming enough.

Shutting down dialogue about vaccine safety concerns with insults and censorship is undoubtedly the mark of an industry that can't afford to be transparent

Australian Health Minister Roger Cook publicly expressed his displeasure with the billboard, denouncing it as "nasty" and "devious."

Cook declared, "This devious and nasty billboard behind us would have people believe that a reference to a U.S. website would actually provide useful information about how people can best look after their health care."

"It's dangerous and misleading and puts people's lives at risk," the Health Minister continued.

Perth MP John Carey has also voiced his discontent about the billboard, claiming it was spreading "a deadly message."We do not want this kind of gutter rubbish being promoted in my community," he said.

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