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Make Bitcoin Great Again via Viral Videos: a Tale of Two Coins


Hayden Otto has taken his enthusiasm for bitcoin as a form of currency and peer-to-peer electronic cash to new levels. He's gone from a curious admirer to full on defender, in fact, producing two compelling videos. They're both slick, a little tongue-in-cheek, and smuggle in some education and history without hitting viewers over the head. His mission is to make bitcoin great again, and caught with up Mr. Otto for an interview.

Hayden Otto Wants to Make Bitcoin Cash Again

For at least two videos now, the cryptocurrency world has been entertained and provoked by a previously unknown Aussie, Hayden Otto. In his latest polemic, Mr. Otto narrates how we "live in a fast-paced world where commerce is built on the backbone of reliable tap & go transactions. A superior alternative emerged with the birth of Bitcoin; trustless P2P electronic cash that's independent of central banks, governments, or any other centralized middle-men."

Make Bitcoin Great Again: Tale of Two Coins

It's a smokey, smart visual as Mr. Otto, Bond-like, enters his shiny black Mercedes, complete with a logo. Thumping electronic music to Rage Against the Machine's heated track, "Wake Up" (he used Kanye in an earlier video), A Tale of Two Bitcoins makes for entertaining viewing. It's something those in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community can pass around and feel confident in doing that it will at least get a fair viewing.

Mr. Otto's collaborators have included Sam Fregonese and Jack Hammonds, and they're paying off in the form of high quality. That high bar allows Mr. Otto to proclaim, "Thankfully due to the open source nature of this project; faithful pioneers were able to fork away from the direction of this hostile takeover, with Bitcoin Cash. A return to Bitcoin's former glory by reintroducing instant and irreversible transactions, plus onchain scaling – as was the plan all along."

Hayden Otto: In 2016 I was in my 2nd year of an Information Technology degree and living at an all boys college. There was a drug dealer at this college who I'd heard was sourcing all his products on a Darknet marketplace and paid with Bitcoin. The only time I'd heard about Bitcoin before was when it caught media attention in the 2013 bubble and I was told it was a scam; this intrigued me and I set out to investigate.

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