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Trump Moves to Counter Potential Red Dawn Invasion

• by Dave Hodges

Blue Wave-The term most often applied to the fact that the Democrats expect to take over both houses of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

Blue Dawn– In the face of the failed Blue Wave, the Deep State and its assets, as funded by criminals such as George Soros, recruit and build a radicalized Blue Dawn forces (ie domestic terrorists) which will bring social and political disruption to America on a scale never before seen. This includes the importation of foreign paramilitary forces, terrorists and assassins (ie MS-13) due to the fact that the Deep State is losing ground in the propaganda wars being waged in the MSM. The MSM is running for cover as their ratings are in the toilet. Movie going is at an all-time low, CNN and Clear Channel Communications cannot pay its utility bill with the help of George Soros which will bring havoc to our country. The Blue Dawn is the knee jerk reaction to losing political control in the face of awakening American public. The "occupy movements" springing up around the country is merely the first step in this movement designed to bring total disruption to the United States prior to the Red Dawn invasion.  As reported in yesterday's story, the Blue Dawn is considered to be a prerequisite to a Red Dawn invasion through 5th column activities.

Red Dawn– Most are familiar with the popular use of this term. Red Dawn is the culmination of both domestic and foreign forces working together to conquer America. Most often the Red Dawn is portrayed as a Central American military force entering the American Southwest from Mexico. Certainly, the new extreme leftist government, headed by the radical AMLO, would not hesitate to allow and to participate in a Red Dawn invasion of the United States. Red Dawn is not designed to do anything but to tie essential parts of our military prior to the commencement of World War III. The Deagel Report addresses the final outcome of this movement as 83% of America, according to the report will not be living by the year 2025.

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