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Are water shortages being engineered as a depopulation weapon?

•, by: Lance D Johnson

The scarcity of clean water leaves hundreds of millions of people at risk of contracting deadly disease every year. Approximately 2.2 million people die annually from diseases related to contaminated drinking water and poor sanitation. There's no vaccine that can solve this crisis: Only clean water, proper sanitation, and nutrition can prevent these deadly diseases and save lives.

A shortage of clean water has a direct impact on the health of a population and their survival. Northern Africa, India, and the Middle East suffer the most. Some of the world's largest cities are also facing water stress, including Sau Paulo, Bangalore, Beijing, Cairo, Mexico City, Moscow, and Miami. The infrastructure and distribution of clean water  ultimately controls population health and growth. The corporations and governments that control water sources ultimately have power over the survival of the population.

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