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Top 6 "other ingredients" found in common groceries that will ALARM you...

•, by SD Wells

You've seen it before, that little section of non-food elements listed under the part of the food label that lists the ingredients.

Ever think that "other ingredients" are NOT food at all, and that's why they must have their own section? You're right. So why then are they allowed in food products if they're not even food? Is that because they're "less than 2%" of the total ingredients, or because the FDA couldn't care less about the health of Americans? The latter would be true.

You may think that products we use on our hair, skin and nails don't need to be as "organic" as what we eat and drink, but think again. You're probably already familiar with many of the "other ingredients" listed on food products because you've seen them listed on plenty of personal care products, from baby powder to deodorant, from cosmetics to medications, and from supplements to conditioners, but any way you slice it, the following "other ingredients" take a toll on your body, as the cumulative effect of continued use and consumption sets in.

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