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What's a Rangefinder and How Can Preppers Use One?


To be prepared means that you are learning to be self-reliant, and you are willing to take responsibility for whatever danger that comes your way. To achieve this goal, all preppers should consider having a rangefinder.

What is a rangefinder? It's a device that measures the distance from the observer to a target. This is a great piece of gear to help train your prepper skills and get an edge in SHTF situations.

There are certain tips which you can employ to fully utilize your rangefinder to get a better understanding of your surroundings. A rangefinder could help you tremendously to survive the outdoors if you know what you're doing. To justify this, let me share with you some of the top reasons why every prepper needs a rangefinder,

Reason 1: Help improve your target accuracy

There are two parts to this, where a rangefinder can help you train your shooting accuracy and it can help you to shoot accurately in times of need.

First, concerning improving your archery or gun shooting technique, a rangefinder is the ideal tool to help you improve this aspect because it gives you feedback. By understanding why you missed a shot or understanding how you made that bull's eye would be essential in the process of learning. The immediate feedback mechanism would work wonders for you as you progress.

Next, a rangefinder would aid you in determining the accurate distance between you and your target, which helps you acquire the target much easier. This is especially true if you are into bow-hunting where you need to know how much strength you need to put into each shot so that you can reach a certain distance.

Reason 2: Distancing yourself from threats

After you have sufficiently developed the skill of shooting accurately, you would be able to distance yourself from threats effectively. Don't worry even if you haven't because a rangefinder can help improve the accuracy of your shots with minimal practice?

What do I mean by distancing yourself from threats? Basically, I am referring to situations where you have met trouble, such as meeting a suspicious person in your property. A rangefinder can help in two ways. First, you would be able to take precautionary steps if you had known that there is someone suspicious roaming around your property. A rangefinder can help you scout around your terrain, ensuring that know that someone is near the perimeter of your territory, which gives you time to call help.

Also, if you can shoot accurately enough, you would be able to scare the suspicious person away. There may be situations where he had already noticed that you are nearby. With a rangefinder, you can choose to sling lead towards the bark of a nearby tree, showing him that you mean business.

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