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The War for the President's Mind

• by Justin Raimondo

The Woodward book is supposed to be a blow against the Trump administration for supposedly depicting an administration in "chaos," but it actually manages to show the foreign policy aspect of Trump's White House in its best light, albeit unintentionally. Woodward, being the swamp-creature that he is, uncritically cites administration officials who denounce Trump's Singapore peace initiative with North Korea as prima facie evidence that the man is unhinged. This is the conventional wisdom inside the Washington Beltway: out in the real world, however, Trump's view is evidence of his sanity. While the political class is worried that declaring the Korean war over and done with will pull the plug on the US military occupation of South Korea – a possibility Woodward conjures as a kind of Armageddon — normal Americans are hoping to see the troops come home after nearly 70 years!

Despite dire predictions by hysterics on both sides of the political spectrum, Trump hasn't started any new wars and seems determined to dial down those already in progress. The most visible conflict now seems to be the war for the President's mind, which pits the most consistent advocate of promiscuous intervention, Sen. Lindsey Graham, against Trump's most recent (and surprising) ally, Sen. Rand Paul. These two are competing for the President's ear, and the winner looks to be:

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