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Yeah, sometimes you need to v*te

•, by Claire

Of course I know all the principled and practical arguments against v*ting. I've made many of those arguments myself. I admire Wendy McElroy, who famously wrote that she would not even have v*ted against Hitler.

I don't knock anybody who chooses to v*te — or who chooses not to. I've been on both sides and see both points of view.

I was born to a v*te-worshipping mother, raised to politics, and gave it all up mostly out of futility after the one "victory" I took part in turned out to be the worst sort of failure, a total betrayal.

But in the last couple of years, I admit I've once again resorted to v*ting — this time solely as a self-defense measure.

I never v*te for anything; it's as much an exercise in futility as I learned after the Great Betrayal of 1994. Freedom never comes from supporting government and governors. Governing systems are inherently tyrannical and are designed to get bigger and nastier over time. Putting energy into them is diverting energy from real freedom efforts.

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