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Trump and Putin Are In Grave Danger

• by Dave Hodges

Therefore, it may become necessary to cut off the head of the snake because the Globalists are in an absolute state of panic.

Blacks and Hispanics, in record numbers, are flocking to support Donald Trump and his economic policies that reward self-determination and hard work.The globalists and the liberals are losing their control over historically liberal voting blocks. The globalists see the country awakening with a renewed sense of populism and nationalism and the powers-that-be are not going to allow America to survive for much longer if its citizens continue to embrace the politics of conservatism and nationalism.

Because the liberals, who support globalism, and ultimately Satanism, cannot achieve regime change in the traditional and legitimate manner that involves following the Constitution, the liberals are going for broke. They are attempting to undermine American society at every turn. Liberals are employing the strategies of "Voter Fraud, False Flags, Economic Collapse, Assassination and Domestic Insurrection. 

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