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SpaceX Will Have New Year Photos of the New Starship That Will Fly Late in 2019


The SpaceX Super Heavy Starship will be completely reusable. The top stage is called the Starship. The combined first and second stage will be a bit taller than the Apollo rockets.

The photos being revealed in four weeks will show the very fast progress being made by SpaceX towards getting to the revolutionary Super Heavy Starship. It used to be called the SpaceX BFR.

A fully reusable rocket could lower the cost to space by 10 times to even 50 times. The variance depends upon the frequency of the flights. How much would the tickets cost for a Jumbo jet that flies once a month versus a jet that flies twice a day?

A high-rise building is between 35–100 meters tall and a skyscraper is at least 100 meters or 330 feet tall. some define a skyscraper as 150 meters tall.

The Super Heavy Starship design has had designs in the 110-125 meter height range. The stage is about half of that height. The Super Heavy Starship rocket either does qualify or is close to qualifying as a skyscraper based on height.

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