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Is Arthritis in Childhood Becoming the 'New Normal' – Are Vaccines to Blame?


his is twice the rate in the 1980s. Evidence points to environmental factors including childhood infections. However, the role played by vaccines is ignored by researchers in spite of considerable reason to be curious. For example, the package insert for the Fluarix Quadrivalent influenza vaccine describes arthralgia (joint pain) as its most common adverse reaction. Merck manufactures a rubella vaccine, Meruvax II, and the package insert for that warns warns that arthralgi and/or arthritis can be expected, especially among post-pubertal females. Vaccines contain heavy metals, including mercury and nickel, that can cause toxicity that mimics autoimmune diseases. Investigators who are not dependent on income from the pharmaceutical industry claim that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines can induce autoimmune illness. -GEG

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