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Trump's 2020 Budget Plans To Do Away With EV Tax Credit, Add EV Tax


Isn't the Republican party the anti-tax party? Not when it comes to electric vehicles, apparently. Earlier this year, Republican senators introduced another bill to end the federal tax credit for EV purchases, and replace it with a new annual tax on EV owners.

Last month, Senators John Barrasso (R-Wyoming), Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) and Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming), introduced a second bill to kill the tax credit (Senator Barrasso introduced a similar bill last October, during the previous legislative session).

According to campaign finance watchdog OpenSecrets, the Oil and Gas sector is a top financial contributor to all three senators.

Barrasso told Fox News that all taxpayers share the costs of EVs: "Never before has the electric-car consumer had so many choices. Taxpayers, on the other hand, don't have any choice. Every time one of these cars sells, the US taxpayer must help pay for it."

You can contact your senators to express your opinion about this bill – most political activists agree that comments from constituents can indeed make a difference.

As Electrek's Fred Lambert eloquently points out, the true costs of fossil

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