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Political Contests Are Between Competing Socialisms

•, by Richard M. Ebeling

Donald Trump seems unlikely to face a serious challenger for his re-nomination as the Republican candidate for president (unless explosive revelations place his public standing in serious doubt in the coming months). But the Democratic field already has well over a dozen declared serious candidates, each one of them eager to be chosen as Trump's opponent for the presidency of the United States in the autumn of 2020.

Already a plethora of promised political goodies are being presented to the voters with every word spoken by these would-be occupants of the White House. You want good and accessible health care, and all free of charge? No problem. How about forgiveness for your college loans? A legislative act will take care of that. What about financial and other reparations for things done to people long dead with whom you may have no personal biological connection, and to be paid for by others whose ancestors may not have been guilty of any slave-based or prejudicial sins? Who will get and who will pay will all be based on the respective color of everyone's skin. Feel slighted or envious because someone has a noticeably higher income than you do? No worries, some of what they have can be redistributed your way.

What about a guaranteed government job for life, or protection from domestic or foreign competitors, or a minimum income every month into your bank account from Uncle Sam? Or what about grandiose government plans to fix the environment, save the planet, give everyone "social justice," and with no worry about who is going to pay for it and in what amount? 

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