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FasTrak Incorrectly Charges Millions of Drivers and Does Not Care

•, brian wang

 The bottom half of that sign mentions that Flex Fastrack and 2+ people are needed for toll-free commuting. FasTrak has what appears to be intentionally bad communication about Flex Fastrak in order to collect millions in additional tolls. If FasTrak cared about not incorrectly charging drivers they would have replaced Fastrak with Flex Fastrak for all drivers in California.

* February, 2019 there were errors in the system where people with Flex were incorrectly still charged tolls. Drivers must call Fastrak this months to get those charges dropped * Old FasTrak is useless. All California drivers should switch to Flex Fastrak and have it set to position 3 * MTC should replace Fastrak with Flex Fastrak instead of requiring drivers to request Flex device * Fastrak will not reverse charges more than a month old * Five years ago, Fastrak admitted to an error of less than 1%. There are about 1 million cars every month using commuter lanes. This means 1000 errors per day. * Fastrak tested the technology to detect the number of passengers in a car. They are only considering to use this technology to catch more toll cheaters and not for preventing unfair charges to those who are commuting with 2+. * About $3-6 million per year in toll charges to drivers with 2+ commuters but without Flex Fastrak. This amount will increase over the next few years with more toll express lanes.

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