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The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?

• By: Spoony Quine

Note: Never have I gotten so many comments and emails in response to a blog post, much less rumors that I'm a man. I'll keep that in mind. And for the record, it wasn't until 2014 that I had the opportunity to put a man's intact penis in my very much female vagina. This frictionless appendage made me realize that sex doesn't have to be painful or cause hazardous inflammation. And with that image in your mind...

I was nineteen or twenty years old when a male friend of mine, we'll call him Bill, let me in on a most shocking fact: He was missing part of his penis, and so were almost all boys and men that I had ever seen in my entire life, as well as all the anatomical diagrams that I had ever seen. Ever.

Sure, I had heard of circumcision as a Jewish religious practice, but thought myself unlikely to ever see its results. Little did I know, all the male genitalia I had seen both in real life and as depicted in American anatomy books, had been edited in exactly the same way.  The shock from this revelation overwhelmed me for weeks, especially since I considered myself to be fairly knowledgeable about anatomy. (My interests included biology and drawing biological structures).

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Comment by Ed Price
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Circumcision should be done on the 8th day to breast-fed (colostrum-fed) males. This will increase their immunity without the side-effects from drugs. Females, because of their more liquid bodies, don't need circumcision (they need colostrum). But the real benefit is this. A circumcised male becomes less sensitive. Then, during sexual intercourse, he will have to work harder at getting pleasure. The woman takes longer to reach climax. She needs a partner who takes longer so that she is fulfilled. Circumcision makes for a better relationship because of the way it makes the man slow down.

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