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Is It Legal To Go Off The Grid In Your State?

•, By Tara Dodrill

There are many simple off the grid living activities you can do anywhere, but some of the most essential infrastructure aspects of disconnecting from modern society are either strictly regulated or outright banned.

You can grow your own food using off grid water delivery methods in all states throughout America. It is not illegal to operate a residential off the grid greenhouse. You can light, heat, and cool your livestock barn using off grid measures. It is when folks want to remove their homes from the electrical grid entirely and even put composting commodes in their bathrooms, that steep fines (or even jail time) can be levied in some states.

Off grid living laws not only vary by state, but often vary greatly in municipalities and counties, as well.

Most often the biggest hurdle to overcome when planning on off the grid home in any location, is putting in a septic system that will pass health department rules – even in rural areas.