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Manosphere Blog 'Chateau Heartiste' Banned by WordPress

•, Chris Menahan

When one visits the site now it says it was suspended for unspecified violations of WordPress' "terms of service."

An internet archive of the page shows the blog has been around since 2011 without any issues.

One of the last posts made on the site was titled, "Corporate Conspiracy to Silence and Impoverish Political Dissidents."

According to a reposted archive of the article, the post was about men's rights activist Roosh V getting banned from Instagram and Chase Wepay after announcing a speaking tour of the US (Amazon had previously banned nearly all of Roosh's books and he was also banned by PayPal).

The post read:

Roosh is setting off on a US speaking tour starting in June, to various s**tlib cities. No doubt, the corporate censors and the monitors at the CIA sent notice to their pantifa shock troops, who will likely harass Roosh at more than a few stops along his tour. It could get violent, because pantifa is a violent domestic terrorism organization. If you are a CH reader and happen to be in town on the day Roosh is speaking in your city, you should buy a ticket and go there to show support and to defend a fellow dissident from the leftist freaks should they decide to disrupt the event.

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