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The Decline & Fall Of Illinois

•, by Randy Rossi

Today we would call that "poison" government welfare and the government's endorsement and support of immoral activity like making pot legal and increasing abortions which is just like the Roman gladiator games which slaughtered tens of thousands of humans for fun and entertainment.

Eventually Romans quit working and focused on that immoral behavior and brought in Barbarians to do the work for them right up until Rome became bankrupt and the Barbarians took over. Any rational person has to ask "How could the Roman people and Roman politicians be so stupid?"

Now scroll 1600 years later and we are watching the people and politicians of Illinois following Rome's path to suicide. Illinois is the most bankrupt state in America with the lowest bond ratings of any state.

We are also the most corrupt state in the Union according to the FBI. And residents and businesses of Illinois are fleeing the state because of our insanely high real estate taxes which are crushing the value of our homes. The key to this bankruptcy and corruption is a repeat of Rome's "Insidious poison of free bread and circuses." Alex de Tocqueville warned us of this disaster when he said "Democracy can exist up to the point when politicians realize that they can bribe people with their own money."

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