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We're Creating Our Own Overlords

•, Melissa Dykes

Ever heard of the "conscious home"? A "smart home" looks stupid by comparison.

As computers become more integrated into people's decision-making processes and into their lives period, and as people become more and more intimate with these devices and what personal data we share, it's being suggested not just in fiction films like "Her" where a man falls in love with his operating system but in actual reality – and there are some studies with chatbots to back this up – that people will eventually fall in love with their AI which will also become an assistant, a friend, and a parent.

This sounds insane at first, but think about it – sophisticated algorithms are being created to ensure the AI will know more about a person than they probably know about themselves, let alone what any spouse or significant other ever could.

The generation of children born in 2010 or later are actually being referred to as "Generation Alpha" in a very "Brave New World" kind of way. What sets these kids apart is most of them, especially in the developed world, will never know a time without ubiquitous smart phones and smart assistants. That will just be the normal way of their world.

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