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The truth about bananas: Experts reveal the benefits of the fruit based on its color...


As one of the cheapest and most satiating fruits, bananas are up there with the most popular snacks you can buy. 

And while their health benefits are widely known, few are aware of how the ripeness of a banana impacts on its nutritional make-up.

So to help make it clear, Australian sports dietitian Ryan Pinto recently shared a graphic about the various benefits - and why eating an over-ripe banana may not be a great idea. 

'The best way to understand how the health of a banana can change is by investigating what really happens to them internally over time,' he wrote on his page, High Performance Nutrition AU

According to Ryan, green bananas are 'youthful, low FODMAP and full of starch'.

'Referred to as "resistant" starch, this nutrient makes your digestive system work a little harder. It's also the reason why green bananas seem to fill you up so quickly,' he wrote.

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