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Why This Christian Supports Gun Freedom

• Christine Smith blog

I am a strong advocate for unfettered gun ownership by law-abiding citizens in the United States. As a Christian and a Constitutionalist, I believe it is the right of every individual to possess the firearm of his choice.

The Second Amendment guarantees that you cannot be deprived of your right to keep and bear arms. However, it is not the source of the right – the right is inherent in you being an individual created by God.

Mass Shootings

As expected, Democrats immediately politicized the recent mass shooting tragedies of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Always the advocate for evil, they promptly disgustingly began their spiel of anti-gun rhetoric. Their lack of any solid good positions or platform for the American people leaves them always ready to use even the worst tragedy… an effective (though sick) behavior as it can influence the ignorant, simple-minded, and anti-America liberals who support Democrats.

Wrapped in the guise of compassion, the more intelligent Democrats know full well not to let any tragedy go to waste. They come out with tears and raise their voices for the children all the while implementing and advocating policies that destroy freedom, liberty, and security of the people – including that of those they claim to help.

Simultaneously, Democrats conveniently never identify one of the primary reasons behind the increase in mass shootings in this society, their radical liberal destruction of every belief and tradition which once provided a cohesiveness to this society. Radical liberals and their degradation of Christian values in our nation have contributed to making a society where despair, anger, poverty, alienation, and oppression has been normalized. Sometimes those who rebel against the world they've been brought into commit violence. Nothing will ever change as long as this society allows any destruction and silencing of those who speak for God, the family, and our nation's founding principles. Ultimately, of course, the responsibility for a crime is with the perpetrator (not the tool used or anyone or anything else).

When such tragic shootings occur, do not fall for any of the leftist rhetoric. Yes, such shootings are sad, but always remember your right to bear arms is not negotiable. To the degree you waver, the gun grabbers will take in increments a little here and a little there until you possess no government-protected gun ownership…until the liberal politicians make the American government as oppressive as the many tyrannical regimes under which millions have died. That is the liberal goal. Eliminate the individual by elevating class distinctions, so as to gain the support of the useful idiots and all for their power and control.

In the wake of such tragedies as has befallen our nation this past week, don't play the word games with liberals. Do not even begin to think they have the same goals for society and protection of people as you do. Everything they stand for results in death, do not think this issue is any different. Liberals will try to bait you into crafty debate – not intended to evoke rational, thoughtful dialogue – but rather to craftily reel you into validating their emotionalism. Once you take the bait, they will demand you offer them reasons to defend why you support the right of Americans to own firearms, and therein is the trap. You are under no obligation to explain or justify anything which is an intrinsic right. You have the truth, you do not have to defend it against their nonsensical "logic." Explain nothing to them, as it is only a guise to espouse their gun-grabbing agenda.

The fact is, mass shootings are not a political issue no matter how much Democrats want to deceive you into believing that… it is a spiritual issue directly related to the decay and obliteration of everything Godly and righteous in our society.

It is my opinion, that mass shootings are welcomed by many Democrats since they then can exploit it to again advocate for gun control. Their public crocodile tears are exposed for the hypocrisy they are intended to hide by the policies they advocate which result in the taking away of our God-given right to self-defense/protection. Their clamor to "do something" is not to save lives – it is to gain power – a power they have no business having. If Democrats wanted it to change, if they truly wanted what is nurturing for society and its youth, they would not be advocating for policies on every issue which destroy and bring death to the cities and states they are elected to represent. In our society today, it is the radical liberals who bring more death to our society through their policies than all the mass shootings added up, coupled often with their disrespect and reluctance to support law enforcement personnel.

Democrats are the party of death, as such, they never care about human life…but they know the right words to use to deceive and influence the gullible.

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