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Linkspace of China Has Third Reusable Rocket Hop Test

•, by Brian Wang

Linkspace CEO Hu Zhenyu said on Weibo that the 1.5-metric-ton rocket reached an altitude of 300 meters during a 50-second flight before making a powered descent and vertical landing with an accuracy of 0.07 meters.

There is a Youtube video of the test.

Linkspace will upgrade to a sub-orbital RLV-T6 tech demonstrator rocket and it will be able to fly to 62 miles of altitude.

A NewLine-1 orbital launcher is planned for 2021 and it will be able to take a 200-kilogram payload to 500 kilometer sun-synchronous orbit (SSO).

World of Reusable Rockets

In Reusable rockets we appear to have:
First Mover – SpaceX
Fast Followers – Blue Origin and Chinese Long March, China startups, Rocket Labs
Late Entrant – Europe

Rocket Labs announced plans to recover the first stage using parachutes and a helicopter catching the rocket.

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