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USS Gerald Ford - A $13 Billion Boondoggle by Ron Paul

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The US Navy's newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford, is so over-budget and riddled with errors that it's practically useless. Never is it asked whether we need such a ship for the defense of this country. It is about spending and maintaining steady growth in the defense industry. Our own safety and security are completely irrelevant to the military spending juggernaut. And it's not just this carrier...

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Comment by olde reb
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The Ponzi scheme Ed Price describes, with its embezzlement, is detailed at if it is of interest.

Comment by olde reb
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This is the ship that Jimmie Carter scuttled and resulted in OCTOBER SURPRISE by Barbara Honnerger ??

Comment by Ed Price
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Ron Paul has a separate, strong ideology that the Federal Reserve Bank should end. This is in addition to all the rest of the things he talks about, including this aircraft carrier. The FED is a worldwide Ponzi scheme, probably the biggest to ever have come about. Yet this fact about the FED is barely know by anybody, around the world. A Ponzi of this size, when it collapses (as all Ponzi's do) will destroy governments, peoples, nations, and order among all the people of the world, but especially among the people of the USA who ride near (at?) the top of this Ponzi. To maintain this Ponzi, it has to grow. This is why we have spending for things like useless aircraft carriers, as well as whatever other "loan" type spending is done around the world. This spending is keeping the Ponzi alive. When the Ponzi dies, if there isn't some economic solution in place that is better, the world and our lives will be in pure chaos.

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