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The end of white America and Israel lobby

•, By Paul Craig Roberts

The lack of response by white Americans to their demonization as they decline as a percent of the population demonstrates their lack of concern with their fate.

It seems as if the West is dead in every way. The rule of law is dead throughout the West. Democracy is a scam. There is oligarchic rule.  Everything is done for organized interest groups.  Nothing is done for the people.  Putin just declared: "West's leading role is ending." How right he is. 

The Brookings Institution is not a racist white supremacist outfit.  It is a neoliberal/neoconservative "think tank."  One of its members, William H. Frey, has authored a report, "Less than Half of US Children Under 15 Are White, Census Shows," based on the recently released 2018 US Census Bureau report. The information in Frey's article is fascinating. It shows a disappearing white population.

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