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Before you agree to any app's Terms of Service, check this site


I don't need to tell you that we live in a privacy nightmare, in which it seems there's no social network or app you can truly trust to protect your personal identity and everything you do online. But the worst part is that these companies have us at a disadvantage from the get-go, because they present us with a mountain of legalese—aka the privacy policy of using the service—that we blindly, futilely agree to, all in the name of watching the latest viral lip-syncing video.

It's not our fault we do this. No one has the time to outwit a team of legal experts billing who knows what an hour, and few of us have the luxury of just unplugging from our friends, family, and pop culture to remain anonymous. But perhaps there is a way we can fight back against greedy digital companies, with the help of an unlimited resource of our own making: AI.

Guard is a new site built entirely by Javi Rameerez, a one-man-band developer and designer out of Madrid. It presents the apps you know, like Tinder, Netflix, and Instagram, with simple grades rating their privacy. Tap into any of the grades, and you'll see the criteria: the worst bit of their privacy policy is pulled up for you, in big block letters backed by a cool blue gradient. This is anything but small print at the bottom of a contract; these words are designed to be looked at.