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Prizes Awarded = 2 Bitcoin

• by Patrick Byrne

After what were, I believe, 29 essays, I had most of the story complete (without giving away the ending, I hope), and asked for summaries, promising to award 1 Bitcoin to the best effort. Some excellent efforts were made, and I thank the contributors for their work. My webmaster has identified one essay (a fine one, actually) as having enlisted mechanical aid in the voting, and thus had to be eliminated.

Because of the quality of the five that both made it through the voting and judging, I am going to (true to my word) award the winner 1 Bitcoin. But I am among the remaining five I will split up an additional Bitcoin.

The winners (and their numbers of votes) are below. The #1 winner received the second highest number of votes. I made the adjustment because as the guy binside the story, I found it closest to my understanding.

No Stone Left Unturned: 1 Btc

The Truth Cannot Be Hidden Forever: .25 Btc

More Pepper: Short Freaks and Hot Takes .25 Btc

Being Honorable is Viewed as Disruptive Instead of Beneficial .25 Btc

Man Vs. Swamp .25 Btc