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Davos 2020: A Preview

• by Nicholas Colas

 Bottom line: expect ESG topics to absolutely dominate the headlines coming out of the conference next week.

With today's signing of a US-China trade deal, President Trump can head off to Davos next week with a win in his pocket. In case you didn't see the particulars of the agreement, there is a link towards the end of today's note. We didn't see much new in there, but getting something done will allow Mr. Trump (who is scheduled to speak) to show the world that he is not bent on escalating global trade tensions further.

That's a pretty Davos-friendly message, even if the specter of 100% US tariffs on French champagne still lingers. Those stem from a long standing American complaint about European subsidies for Airbus, agitated more recently by a 3% French tax on digital services provided by US companies like Apple, Google and Facebook. There's some chatter that the American delegation to Davos will sort things out with Team France next week, but don't pop the champagne corks just yet…