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Rock 'n' drool! Father records his baby son's noises over a year and edits them to sound


A father who recorded his baby son's noises every day for a year has edited the clips together to create a video which appears to show the little boy singing AC/DC's Thunderstruck. 

Matt MacMillan, from Delran, New Jersey, arranged the coos and laughs made by his son, Ryan, after painstakingly isolating them by pitch.

The result is a joyful digital rendition of the Australian hard rock band's 1990 single from their album The Razors Edge.

As soon as baby Ryan's 'singing' video begins, AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young's iconic riff is instantly recognisable. 

One-year-old Ryan also provides several other parts as the song progresses. 

Mr MacMillan used his son's sneeze as a cymbal, a clip of Ryan hitting a sofa with his hand for the bass drum and the child slapping the floor for the snare.