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This Entrepreneur Is Suing for the Right to Transport Hospital Patients Across State Lines

•, Mollie Williams

ost people would pay little attention to an ambulance with a "For Sale" sign sitting on the side of the road. But when Phillip Truesdell spotted the ambulance, he saw a business opportunity.

Over the past two years and with the help of his family, Truesdell has taken that ambulance and built a business, Legacy Medical Transport. Legacy is a non-emergency ambulance company that employs multiple people and services hundreds of patients. In two short years, Truesdell has grown Legacy to seven ambulances that complete more than 1,500 trips a year.

Truesdell's success story captures our nation's entrepreneurial spirit. But Kentucky ambulance operators just across the river don't see it that way. They see Truesdell as a threat to their business and stranglehold on the market.

Legacy's Legal Competition

Legacy is based in Aberdeen, Ohio, located just a mile from the Kentucky border. Legacy provides transportation to medical appointments for people who need extra support while traveling, such as those confined to a stretcher or who suffer from extreme muscle weakness. Given its proximity to Kentucky, Legacy's clients often require transportation across the state border.