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Joe Scarborough Celebrates Demographic "Freight Train" That Will Collapse GOP

•, Paul Joseph Watson

Joe Scarborough is celebrating the fact that a demographic "freight train" will secure electoral success for Democrats far into the future and lead to the "collapse" of the GOP.

The former Congressman and current MSNBC host tweeted, "Democrats have won the popular vote 6 of the last 7 elections. They won a record landslide in 2018. Demographics are a freight train carrying them into the future. The GOPs actions will accelerate their collapse. The future belongs to Democrats if they work hard & focus on 2020."

Scarborough's rhetoric is similar that of presidential candidate Joe Biden, who previously hailed an "unrelenting stream of immigration," leading to whites becoming a minority, which he said was "not a bad thing" and something to be "proud of."

It also sounds similar to what was said at a recent Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights when a speaker referenced what had happened in South Africa before remarking, "People say that demographics aren't destiny, well we are trying to make it destiny."