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Has President Trump Figured Out That Anthony Fauci is a Con Man?

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The president was asked about Fauci's testimony in front of a Senate Health Committee on Tuesday where he said that opening up the country too soon from lockdown could result in unnecessary deaths and that it was unlikely schools could be safely opened in September.

"I was surprised by his answer," Trump said. "To me, it's not an acceptable answer especially when it comes to schools."

"He wants to play all sides of the equation," he told reporters in the Oval Office.

Has Trump figured out that Fauci is a snake? We can only hope.

Trump also needs to understand that the Democrats are pushing for an extension of the federal law that provides a $600-a-week supplement to jobless workers. The program currently expires on July 31. House Democrats want to push that the supplements into early 2021.

But the program actually would incentivize non-work and the continued destruction of the economy.