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Why a Common Cold Could Make a Person "Immune" to COVID-19...

•, By Gary G. Kohls, MD

This reality was recently mentioned by an internationally-famous virologist from Germany, in an interview where he also admitted that laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 is next to impossible given the high incidence of both false-positive COVID PCR swab tests and false positive COVID serum antibody tests. Apparently, neither test seems to be able to distinguish between the benign coronavirus that causes common colds and the more serious coronavirus that causes COVID-19!!

Dr Fauci's ignorance of (or his failure to reveal) that fact justified his oft-repeated assertion as he did his media rounds and White House press conferences prior to the economic shut-down:

"I think we should be overly aggressive (even if we) get criticized for overreacting. I think Americans should be prepared … to hunker down."