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The major difference between the Bundy Oregon Wildlife Refuge standoff of 2016 and the BLM/Antifa

• Natural News - S.D. Wells

(Natural News) First off, 2 out of every 3 Black Americans do not want to defund or get rid of the police in America. Secondly, most US states are not in disarray with violent protests, police cars set ablaze, and anarchist spray painting walls everywhere; that's just a handful of Democrat-run metropolitan cities –but the mass media would have us all believe it's happening in every city in every state. Third, in America, if White people with legal carry guns peacefully protest, the mass media and Democrat Governors call them all white supremacists and lie and say they were carrying nooses — but if Black people protest violently and destroy entire city blocks, police stations, and thousands of businesses, that's called peaceful protesting. If you dare to disagree, then YOU are a racist bigot yourself.

A few years back, when Bundy family members and friends took control of an Oregon Wildlife Reserve, Obama's goons went in with full force swat teams to extract and jail them all, but the Bundy family was just protesting the illegal arrest of family members.

That standoff ended with conspiracy charges and state troopers shooting an innocent man in the back 3 times. How will the CHAZ autonomous zone in Seattle end? Certainly if Trump brings in the military, he will again be called a racist white supremacist dictator who can't respect peaceful protesters in the USA. The Bundy's (Ammon and Ryan) were treated like terrorists, but all they were doing was peacefully protesting.

Would Obama send in fully-armed swat goons now to dismantle CHAZ and arrest everyone on conspiracy charges?

Still, a black man named Obama sent in fully-armed FBI swat teams to extract them, and the news vilified the Bundy family, and they went to jail on conspiracy charges. Obama's FBI forced their surrender. Period. They weren't white nationalists or Nazi-wanna-be's or BLM or WLM or white supremacists or racists, but a black man had them arrested for protesting.

To put things in mainstream media's perspective, since there's a few white dudes with automatic weapons at the front "gate" of CHAZ, aren't they then white supremacists? Any white person with an automatic weapon is always labeled White Supremacist by lamestream media, just like in Charlottesville and just like in Richmond. What's the difference, because they're now standing around spray painting "Defund the Police," "BLM" and "All Cops are Bastards" (ACAB) on the streets and buildings?

Isn't hating every cop at all 18,000 federal, state, local and city police departments for something a few bad cops did considered bigotry?

Were we not supposed to treat all Muslims with respect after 9/11, since it was only supposedly 19 guys who committed the atrocity? How are "all cops bastards" then just because a few white ones have been abusive to Blacks? It's the ultimate double standard, and it applies right now to the country of CHAZ in Seattle. It's time to be consistent with history and move in with full federal force or military and seize all these "terrorists" and Black Nationalists who are a threat to our civil nation, right?

The Bundy rancher's spokesperson was shot in the back 3 times and KILLED execution style by a pre-planned Obama government ambush – where was the mainstream media outrage then?

The Bundy family was protesting because two of their family members were thrown in jail for fake arson charges after they used a controlled burn to reinvigorate some land where they keep their cattle, legally. Obama was looking to lease out some federal land to the Chinese for fracking, and so Obama federal goons shot and killed a bunch of the Bundy cattle, and rounded up the rest in a pen, threatening to execute the rest of them if the Bundys didn't give in and give up the land use that the family has taken good care of for over a century.