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Going Into Wal-Mart Without A Mask, Nebraska July 25, 2020


I'm not one to shy away from confrontation by any means, (some would even say I relish it- See this.) but there's something disturbing and evil about this whole forced-masking dynamic. It's very sad that we have to get 'a knot in our stomach' just going to get groceries.

Who would have ever dreamt even six months ago that we'd have to 'get ready for a fight' and 'go into battle' to 'exert our rights' every time we went to the darn grocery store?

In the past decades since 9/11, perhaps such contentious and stress-causing confrontations only occurred when the TSA tried to grope us at the airport or if we got pulled over by a revenue agent traffic cop. [See this.]

Yet here we are, and we have the choice to either 'take it easy and comply', or to exert our God-given rights to breathe normally and be treated as a creature of God with dignity.

So the good news is,, as I began to do this more often, it became easier. I think it's very important to remain extremely calm and confident, that will give you the upper hand. Try praying to God, your guardian angel and Saint Michael before you go in.

We've all seen these videos the corporate media loves to play, of alleged anti-maskers screaming like lunatics or getting violent. We should avoid that at all costs.

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