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Road is closed for second Starship hop attempt Tuesday [Updated]

• ARS Technica

8:45am ET Tuesday Update: It appears as though SpaceX engineers were able to address the turbopump issues that occurred on Monday evening, as the company seems to be pressing ahead with a Starship prototype launch attempt on Tuesday morning. Even before the launch window opened at 8am CT local time (13:00 UTC), the road leading to the launch pad was closed. This typically is the first step before clearing the launch pad of SpaceX employees, and beginning fueling operations.

The company has until 8pm CT Tuesday (01:00 Wednesday UTC) to complete the 150 meter hop. A live stream of the test can be watched below.

9:11pm ET Monday Update: SpaceX very nearly made it to T-0 on Monday evening in South Texas as it sought to launch its Starship prototype for the first time. However, a technical issue cropped up seconds before the 30-meter-tall vehicle was due to liftoff. The company's founder, Elon Musk, summarized the situation thusly: