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Exposing the hypocrisy from @chicagosmayor


Back up account @walkawaymovment_2.0 . . WOW.. WHAT AN AMAZING STORY BY @theblazetv . Exposing the hypocrisy from @chicagosmayor . Helping to defund police ???? While using police to block off her block from protesters . Using police from allowing real reporters from reporting the truth.. . . Is this enough hypocrisy???? . I'm asking all you trump haters out there... Is hating trump still worth the total hypocrisy.. The danger they put us regular folk in?? . When will it he enough?? . When the basement dwellers come to your block.. And the idiot mayor doesn't send police to help? . Fucking idiots . @officialslightlyoffensive & @fromkalen expose how Mayor Lightfoot ONLY banned protesters from her block while the rest of Chicago falls to the destructive hands of BLM. Even worse, she is now using Chicago police to intimidate press from reporting on the story of her hypocrisy. The officer said we were not allowed to film outside her house, which is public tax payer funded property. They asked us to leave, which against our constitutional rights. This is the behavior of a tyrant. Intro clip courtesy of @livesmatterofficial #fakenews #votethemout #voterepublican #chicago #liberalismisadisease. #LockThemUp #chicagomayor #idiots

A post shared by republic45 (@walkawaymovment) on Aug 22, 2020 at 5:55pm PDT