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Portland's 'Antifa war camp' was really just set up to house homeless during COVID-19

•, Ari Hoffman

During the recording the videographer notices Camillo Massagi aka "Trumpet Man" who is a fixture at Portland riots and has an extensive arrest record.

Also while filming, one of the other camp residents comes out and begins using a slingshot to fire what appear to be rocks at the videographer.

Does one rioter and one person with a slingshot constitute an Antifa War Camp? Upon further investigation, the encampment was one of three that was opened by the city of Portland for homeless people during coronavirus.

The Oregonian covered the opening of the camps in April at the height of the pandemic outbreak.

"The three sites — two on Southeast Water Avenue and one near the westside base of Broadway Bridge — will also group residents in a way that has rarely been done in Portland shelters. One site will give priority to LGBTQ people and one for people of color. Anyone who wants the services specific to those sites will also be allowed to camp there. The third site will be for everyone, with an emphasis on older people. Each location will have 45 tents on platforms with cots inside for an individual person or couple.