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President Joe Biden Plans a World of Endless Intervention and Probably War

• by Doug Bandow

Almost certainly there would be more pervasive intervention, ceaseless meddling, self-serving demands, economic sanctions, deadly drones, intermittent bombing, continuing occupation, and endless war. More lives and wealth wasted. More foreign societies ruined. More world problems created and seeds of future crises planted. Rather like the last two decades.

Biden has been in politics nearly a half century. Never has he evidenced a single thought that deviated much from the conventional wisdom on foreign (or domestic) policy. When he dissented from majority sentiments, it always was within hailing distance of the rest of what Ben Rhodes inelegantly termed "the Blob," or foreign policy establishment.

At most Biden wants a bit less military involvement, never no entanglement. In a Biden administration Americans would remain ever at risk of being sent off to fight and die for no good reason. As for lesser "engagement," he desires better and more intensive social engineering rather than practical, voluntary, and measured cooperation.