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Shawn's Tragic Story After Taking The Moderna MRNA DNA Changing Covid-19 Va666ine

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Shawn's Story After Taking The Moderna Mark Of The Beast 666.  Shake Rattle And Roll Even When You Don't Want To!

This video needs to be spread like wildfire and loaded to bitchute and brighteon before it is taken down. Anyone promoting vaccination is irresponsible.  The Covid-19 "Vaccine / Synthetic Pathogen" changes your DNA and makes you transhuman and Is one of the Marks of the Beast.  The Beast has many Marks.  Do not take the Covid-19 test, Covid-19 vaccines or any vaccine or the neuralink or the quantum dot tattoo or the electronic tatto as these are all Marks of the Beast as they will change your DNA.  God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob's Holy Spirit does not dwell in a machine as these vaccines being offered by Killer Gates make you transhuman.

I am so sorry that this happened to you Shawn, it is truly horrifying! The healthy Dr. Gregory Michael (Mt. Sinai Medical Center, FL) was hospitalized 3 days after his Pfizer vax and eventually died in the hospital. And healthy 41 yr old healthcare worker Sonia Acevedo (Portuguese Institute of Oncology) died 2 days after her Pfizer vax. Numerous adverse reactions/'health impact events' reported on vaers. Please report your reaction at vaers.hhs . gov. And visit injuredbycovidvaccine . com for support. Get an Attorney ASAP. Praying for you!

Convulsions and Encephalomyelitis are trending with these "vaccinations."


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