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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Tips on Preventing it in your RV [SAVE THIS!]

• by Mike Wendland

Much too often,  Carbon Monoxide Poisoning claims the life of RVers who went to bed thinking all was well…but never wake up.

Carbon monoxide is the RVer's biggest danger.

A tragic incident in Alabama tells the all too common story on how it happens.

At a campground near the Talladega Speedway. Craig Franklin Morgan, 46, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Morgan and his wife, Jami Allison Morgan, 38, were discovered unresponsive by friends who went into their RV at the South Campground outside the track.

Police said the carbon monoxide apparently leaked from the exhaust system of the family's RV.

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Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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Whoops! Caught an important error in the treatment of CO2 poisoning and it's a biggie. If the person is unresponsive or not breathing, begin VENTILATING them without the chest compressions. If the person is not breathing regularly get them on their back, open their airway and elevate their legs. If you have O2 use it. We don't perform CPR on a conscious patient and we don't perform chest compressions unless the person has no pulse. CPR involves bone breaking levels of force.

Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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Amen! Great point. The world has lost a fair share of hippies to wood stoves in buses. You go off grid and all the sudden you got all this stuff generating CO2: propane fired everything, kerosene lamps, wood or pellet, stoves. A couple guys I knew of tried to recover heat from the water heater in their RV and died that same night. This might apply even more to newer RVs with sound gaskets and tight windows.