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RocketLabs 8 Ton Payload Reusable Rocket for 2024

• Next Big Future - Brian Wang

Rocketlabs has recovered the first stage already. Neutron wll feature a reusable first stage designed to land on an ocean platform, enabling a high launch cadence and decreased launch costs for customers.

Rocketlabs has launched 97 satellites to orbit. Rocketlabs had eight launches in 2020.

On 19 November 2020, a successful launch mission named "Return to Sender" deployed its payload of 29 smallsats into orbit. In addition to satellite deployment, a new method of the first stage recovery was successfully implemented. "After stage separation, the first stage will reorient itself for reentry, then deploy a drogue parachute and a larger main parachute before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean about 400 kilometers from the launch site.