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"Furious" Parents Slam NYC's "Woke" $57K Spence School--

• by Tyler Durden

More and more, it seems like people have had enough with the critical race theory hoax. 

Most recently, parents of students at New York City's $57,000 per year Spence School are pushing back after students at the all-girls school were shown a video that mocked "entitled" and "annoying" white women.

The Upper East Side school is now dealing with a letter-writing campaign by parents demanding the school take a 'step backward' from its woke agenda, according to The Daily Mail

Video shown to the students was of Ziwe Fumudoh's Showtime show, Ziwe, where at one point the host says to a guest: "I believe that you are not concerned with how annoying white women can be."

"What percentage of white women do you hate? And there is a right answer," the host said later in the video. At one point, the video showed the host satirically sitting down with four white women named Karen. The host also read aloud the lyrics to Cardi B song "Wet Ass P*ssy" in the video. 

One upset mother, Gabriela Baron, told the NY Post: "We will have our day. This is becoming a culture war. I guess that's what people want, instead of being truthful."