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The Critical Race Theory Controversy

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

The fundraising appeals are flying, as each side exhorts people to send in their donations to support whichever side is sending out the fundraising appeal.


The controversy is no different in principle from one that entails, say, whether students should wear uniforms in public schools. Or whether colleges and universities should be permitted to praise Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in courses about the Civil War.

Why do I find all this conservative-progressive back-and-forth boring and tedious? Because it's just an endless exercise in trying to make statism work. 

In other words, the positions taken by both conservatives and progressives aren't about freedom. They are about reform. They aim to reform the statist educational system so that it suits their particular perspective or ideology.

What's the freedom response to all this statist silliness? Get government out of education entirely! Separate school and state at the state and local level. No more public schools. No more licensing of private schools. No more elected school boards. No more school districts. No more compulsory-attendance laws. No more school taxes. In other words, a total free market in education. 

By the same token, no more state-supported colleges and universities. No more education grants. No more grants to build college and university buildings and facilities. No more state financial aid to students. No more taxes to fund colleges and universities. A total separation of colleges and universities at both the federal and state government levels. Colleges and universities would be voluntarily funded through donations and tuitions.